Joy, Blessings and Kisses at Colonial Oaks Assisted Living Center

Tiffany Tuedor

Yolanda Hinojosa


Colonial Oaks

Cherri Gaines


Cherri Gaines Leads “Love Squad” to Katy Nursing Home
Colonial Oaks is an Assisted Living Center located in the Katy community. Nancy Lyles the coordinator of events had been talking with ROL representatives for a while about the possibility of partnering together to add to the spiritual content and atmosphere of the facility.On Sunday Dec 21, Cherri Gaines led a team of ROL members and some friends of the church to pray for the residents and bless them with Christmas carols.Tiffany Tuedor and Rachel Morrison were the pianists while others like Chris Darin, Yolanda Hinojosa, Martha Yarbrough, Mimi Tuedor and Billy Agaba from River of Life linked up with friends of the church like Errol (acoustic guitar), Marie and Kara Morrison.

The church also gave out socks to every resident of the facility. Comments like –
“I needed these”
“I will put these on when I get to my room”
“How did y’all know I needed socks?”
“These are good and thick”
were heard from many of the residents.

Nancy Lyles and her staff do a great job of taking care of the residents as evident by the atmosphere in the facility.

One of the people from ROL said “This has been so much fun, and we need to do this again!

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