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River of Life Partners With Philippino Church to Reach the Chinese Island of Macau - River of Life Family Church

River of Life Partners With Philippino Church to Reach the Chinese Island of Macau

Tiffany Tuedor

Tiffany Tuedor

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Tiffany Tuedor
Cherri Gaines 

Destiny Ministries International is a church founded in Mindoro and Cavite in the Philippines with a burden and passion to enroll the less fortunate children, feed them, clothe them and supply their school needs.

When Jose Duya Jr (Jay Dee) who has worked with Brother Falu in the past but is currently based in Mindoro shared on a Wednesday night at River of Life, the need in Destiny Ministries International to bless other ministries in Chinese Macau and Hong Kong, the church received an offering and felt led to fund the ministry team for the trip.

Cherri Gaines
Pastor Santos, the minister at DMI shared in an email “We are still in a pioneering stage and do not have a permanent place, we are only using the clubhouse of the subdivision, we are also praying for a sound system because the current PA system we use is borrowed.” 

Brother Falu says “We continue to prayerfully seek the Lord on how He would have us respond to the other needs in Destiny Ministries International”

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