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ROL Is Making a Difference in Nakuru, Kenya - River of Life Family Church

ROL Is Making a Difference in Nakuru, Kenya

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Cherri Gaines 

After the turmoil and upheaval that broke out among different ethnic groups in Kenya as a result of the outcome of the national elections, many families were displaced and hopeless.

“We must pray for the situation in Kenya and also see what God would have us do apart from pray” Brother Falu remarked to some members of ROL.

Dr. Lucy Ojode (a college professor at Texas Southern University and a Kenyan) kept the ROL family informed of the situation on the ground and subsequently connected Brother Falu to Pastor John Omollo of the Bibleway Restoration Church in Nakuru, Kenya.

Plans were prayerfully made to send help to the displaced families. From the help received, Pastor John, a retired civil servant who do not receive any salary from the church provided oversight of the relief effort.

Cherri Gaines
He told Brother Falu “The money received translated into 29,000 Kenya shillings and we were able to buy some food items. We met the urgent needs of some 30 families adversely affected by the post-election violence in Kenya.”
The food items included maize flour, beans, sugar, porridge flour and other household essentials such as soap and leso clothing for women. 

Brother Falu told the Friday Night Prayer Group “We must continue to seek how we can reach out to those who are poor, lowly and downtrodden in every continent. We cannot meet every need, but we can meet some needs.”

River of Life has made a determination to give a tithe of it’s financial income towards missions and outreaches in underprivileged areas of the world.

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