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"The River" Flows Into Nakuru Kenya to Bring Life and Smiles to 120 Children. - River of Life Family Church

“The River” Flows Into Nakuru Kenya to Bring Life and Smiles to 120 Children.

Children enjoying their lunch
Church members serving visitors with meals

First time visitors who came because of the outreach

Some of the Crowd

Click Here For the mind blowing report as it came from Nakuru

Pastor John Omollo in his report said “The Christmas event has given us an open door into the homes of community which we need to take advantage of in the coming days. Our outreach team is getting ready to carry out visitation to the neighborhood in the New Year. Already as I pass by though the community I come across many people who whisper behind me, “this is the pastor who fed the children last Sunday in his church”. For us this is an opportunity to break-ice and share the love of Jesus. We are extremely excited about the prospects”

River of Life has been honored to partner with Bro John Omollo who is doing a great kingdom work in the Nakuru community in Kenya.

According to the report from the outreach, some of the children had never received a Christmas gift before in their lives and were especially glad for the generosity of Bibleway restoration Church in the aftermath of the political uprisings in 2008 in which some lost relatives and friends.

Sister Margaret broke down and wept with joy as she read the reactions of church members and the community to the “love of Christ” as expressed through Bibleway Restoration to the people of Nakuru.

“There is kingdom talk and kingdom walk, Brother John and the members of Bibleway Restoration Church are not just talking the talk, they are walking the walk!”

Brother Falu said “We are humbled by what the Lord is doing, truly humbled. Our prayer is that every outreach ultimately will result in the glorification of Christ and the extension of His kingdom in the hearts and lives of men”

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