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Berg said that Almased contains a high concentration of branched amino acids, like soy protein peptides. These branched-connected amino acids and soy protein peptides build the bio chemical basis for the body s immune-competent cells and regular cells, creating plenty of energy for well-functioning cell exchange. Three branched amino acids - valine, leucine, and isoleucine - are metabolized in muscle tissue, which is essential for muscle synthesis.

Monday- Breakfast: Whole meal bread with low-fat yogurt Free And Healthy Fasting Weight Loss Programs ´╗┐Tips in Achieving Quick Weight

* What s pizza made of? White flour and cheese. White flour and water is used to make wallpaper paste. And cheese (casein), at one time, was the primary ingredient in Elmer s Glue (thus Elmer s picture on the front). Ergo, when you eat pizza, you re eating wallpaper paste and Elmer s Glue -- a real stick to your ribs kind of meal. If your diet consists of a lot of slow transit time food, then you are essentially clogging your pipes. Once nutrients are absorbed from food, there is no reason to keep the waste in your body. In fact, the longer food stays in your intestines, the more it rots, causing long-term disruptions and toxicity.

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Making A Difference Weekend With Pastor Tunde Bakare - River of Life Family Church

Making A Difference Weekend With Pastor Tunde Bakare


“And of some have compassion, MAKING A DIFFERENCE”
- Jude 22 (KJV)

“This has been an incredible weekend for me” David Coberley who had travelled all the way from Utah for th conference was overheard saying to another attendee of the conference.

“We are glad to receive you Pastor Bakare in Houston” Brian Gowan from Grace Community Church a 5000+ member church in the Houston area commented.

William Lau of the Elijah Challenge Ministries also thanked the visiting minister for a timely word.

Pastor Bakare announced to River of Life Family Church on Sunday morning “I will be back. There is something going on in this church and I will be back to be a part of it”.

MESSAGES – (Right Mouse Click to Download Messages)

Friday Dec 19, General Session – Making A Positive Difference

Sat Dec 20 Ministers Luncheon – Ministers and Ministries Who Make a Difference

Sat Dec 20, General Session – You Don’t Have to Be Weird to Be Different

Sun Dec 21, Sunday Service – The Spiritual DNA of Difference Makers


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