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ROL Touches Nations Through Taylor HS Cooks - River of Life Family Church

ROL Touches Nations Through Taylor HS Cooks

Tiffany Tuedor

Yolanda Hinojosa


Colonial Oaks

Cherri Gaines
“We appreciate the gifts and the food but what really touches my heart is that you guys were thinking about us. You took the time out to remember us, little us here, that is what really touches my heart” Norma an original native of Cuba remarked when representatives of River of Life went visiting the Taylor High School cooks.Mr. David Kendler had brought the THS cooks to the attention of River of Life during a previous conversation in which he said “We appreciate you doing something for the children of our custodians you may want to take a look at our cooks also.”
River of life discovered that the five cooks at THS were from five nations, Cuba, Philippines, India and Taiwan in addition to one that was born and bred in Houston, Texas. 

Pastor Leonard Butler from God’s Will Word Ministries of Brookshire, Texas joined in the outreach.

River of Life provided lunch from Jason Deli and Sis Margaret Faluade presented gift certificates to be used to purchase holiday gifts for their children and grandchildren.


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